Battlefield Heroes Goes to the Moon!

A new content update has been released for EA's popular free-to-play arcade shooter Battlefield Heroes today.  Players will be going to the moon, experiencing for the first time a new map 'Lunar Landing' and an arsenal of new abilities, gear, and laser weapons!

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That's right Heroes, the Nationals and Royals ceased their conflict but for a moment to share in the glory of landing on the Moon. But like real Heroes they will never forget their goals. Someone still has yet to pay for the those atrocities at the Olympics. So not five minutes after the conflict ended, and both factions took their step on the moon... the war was back on.

So pick up those weapons, head to the closest rocket and get ready for a battle like you have never experienced before... because we are taking the fight to THE MOON!

 --- New Map - Lunar Landing ---
After countless hours of research, development and rigorous testing our Heroes are finally ready to be blasted off to the Moon in bulk ready to continue the war in a brand new environment. With the effects of low gravity and a relatively untouched landscape, there is nowhere to hide. If your enemy decides to hide behind a corner, you don't have to follow them around it... you can just jump over whatever they are hiding behind.

--- New Outfits ---
Space travel wouldn't be possible without the correct gear, and while micro breathing apparatus is available for those who are trying to avoid the helmet hair, a full range of space exploration suits are now available for your journey. Battle ready and with a built in air supply, you'll be able to kick butt while breathing at the same time.

--- New Weapons ---
Due to the some safety issues regular weapons may have on the moon or if someone were to accidentally discharge a weapon on board a rocket. National and Royal scientists during the brief period of peace worked tirelessly together to create new weapons that are both safe and deadly. They might keep you alive long enough to reach the moon due to the new safety measures, but they will unleash a world of hurt upon your enemies. It's time dish out the pew pew heroes.

Gallery: On the Moon

With a mix of cartoon-inspired graphics and warzone gameplay, Battlefield Heroes appeals to a wide audience.  Playable in-browser or as a free download, the game is easy to pick up and enjoy for players of all skill levels.

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