Asda Story Open Beta -- December 6th

Asda Story -- the latest MMO from Game& -- will be hitting Open Beta on December 6th, 2007. We received a press release about the Open Beta beginning, and for those who haven't checked out Asda Story yet, the game is an Anime style MMORPG where players are able to find "Soul Mates" -- a feature that allows players to bond with each other, increasing their rate of experience and skill gain, as well as being able to gain experience while one or the other is offline.

Huge difference from CBT was developed by MaxOn Soft Corp.

  • There are Specified Skills for all of the characters
  • Collecting Unique Optional Item Sets
  • New 5 Maps with New Goals
  • Enchanting all Armories and Sowels
  • Faster Transportation
  • Digging.

For Open Beta Service, we arranged data to specify one's characteristics among different jobs. There will be no changes in the base settings, but in long term, we adjusted to bring up characters' potential skills 100%. Items with options were added that users can find many different sets of unique items with purposes. For example, there will be healers costume set which will provide extra healing points to increase healing. Users can collect them and use them when needed. For more details and images, you can find out at our website

To find out more about Open Beta, check out the press release, or head over to the Asda Story website to get involved.


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