What's New in ArcheAge 1.2? Welcome to Closed Beta!

We've already been over the magic of ArcheAge in this piece last month, but the canvas is slowly changing for the better as new updates are applied and as more and more players start to leave their impressions upon the community and environment with brushes of their own. 

Patch 1.2 introduces a long list of improvements, including but not limited to:

  • Increased experience per Labor Point spent
  • Searchable crafting folio which works with recipe or ingredient names
  • Reduced glider turbulence on the high seas
  • Ability to earn experience from crafting with maxed-out professions and participating in PvP during a war

We've been having a ball during the Alpha and recent Closed Beta event -- check out some of the sights below; we'd love to show you what we've been up to!

Gallery: Screenshots

The world is vast, the graphics gorgeous, and there's just so much to do. Take whatever path you want -- become a renowned merchant, craft insanely advanced stuff with a multitude of professions, PvP and partake in the ongoing wars, make a living off of yoinking other peoples' stuff. It's almost a medieval-ish life sim with the number of options a player has to blaze a path to glory. Open-ended doesn't even begin to describe ArcheAge

You absolutely can't take our word for it, though. Hop in immediately by grabbing an Archeum Founder's Pack. You'll gain unlimited 24/7 access to the two Alpha servers along with a host of other perks. In addition to access to all of Beta, the Silver and Gold Founder’s Packs grant in-game Credits, unique titles, cosmetic items, Patron status, and the ability to start playing four days before launch.

Read June's rundown for details on the kinds of systems you'll encounter in ArcheAge, and check out the Founder's Packs available at the shop to jump in early. Don't forget the ArcheAge Wiki, a community-driven source packed with knowledge.

What's been your favorite moment of ArcheAge so far, for those who have played? Ours? Gliding above the ocean for the first time from a very tall cliff, and seeing tons of ships on the horizon. Criminal trials are always a blast to watch in chat, as well. Let us know your favorite moments right here, in the comments below!


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