Version 17.3 Update Notes

There's a new patch for Anarchy Online today; you can read the notes below.

Version 17.3

  • New Shadowlands Team instanced playfield: High level players can now access a special new playfield in Inferno
  • Playfield is instanced to your specific team
  • A Quest series will give players a series of repeatable goals inside the playfield.
  • Three separate types of bosses, mini-bosses during the quest chain, a final boss encounter as well as a series of spawnable pocket bosses
  • New quest and monster loot to be found inside the playfield.
  • You can find more information on the playfield here
  • Single IPR points can now be purchased from the OFAB vendor for 50,000 VP or from Jobe for credits (NOTE: price in credits will vary depending on your computer literacy skill)
  • The Unicorns are interested in speaking to anyone who has secured the Alien Invasion plans from Sector 42

New OFAB Vendor items

  • New profession rings
  • New Martial Arts attacks
  • New Bureaucrat calm nanos aimed for use in boss encounters
  • New Bureaucrat pet buff nanos
  • New Doctor DoT nanos
  • New Soldier HoT Blocker nano
  • New MP pet buff nanos
  • New Engineer pet buff nanos
  • Carlo Pinetti's contract has been renegotiated to be more flexible.
  • Added an extra confirmation for trades with other players.
  • Reduced cost of plastic surgery clinic to 25 million credits.
  • Bank terminal added to player market buildings.
  • Players will now exit the battlestation near the terminal from which they signed up.
  • Tweaked the difficulty on some of the Rubi-Ka military bosses.
  • Engineers Offensive Aura Line should now include Cold ACs correctly instead of chemical ACs twice.
  • Pets in modes except /pet hunt will again finish their current fight before despawning after their timer expires.
  • The Cripple perk ability should now be correctly affected by having the Numb perk running.
  • Increased the amount by which the Engineer Miniaturization nanos will shrink their pets.
  • Fixed some personal research actions that were incorrectly causing a long recast timer when inits were debuffed.
  • The team version of Calia's Form: Sabertooth now gives the correct 56 fire damage modifier.
  • Kyudo and Greater Kyudo should now stack with general and composite nanos.
  • Amended description of level of the Nano Crystal for Enfraam's Triple to match the nano correctly.
  • added Poison damage & Cold damage to the Borrow reflect nano.
  • adjusted the way side bonus is displayed in chat when XP is capped.
  • Added feedback to the person promoting org members.
  • Client should now Update AMS on client correctly when leaving a mech.
  • Client should now Update stats window correctly when entering or leaving a mech.
  • Channelling of Notum is no longer hostile so it will no longer proc looping service or be resisted by friendly targets or received by enemy targets.
  • Reduced cast time on Shadowlands bind and recall nanos
  • Health should no longer update incorrectly visually on the client when zoning
  • The donations to the Newland Militia have been received and they now have access to alien weapons.
  • Doctor nanos Viral Neurotoxin and Entropic Sores now have the correct corresponding level use requirements.
  • Using an MMR (Improve Thrusting Weapon) on the Jagged Claw will no longer consume the MMR.
  • Quest keys should now be deleted correctly when a quest is removed (solved/deleted).
  • Players head should no longer disappear for Opifex male characters with the MP wing items
  • /anon should now work while in a mech.
  • The Pelisse of the Elyssian Nymph should now drop again. The drop rate has also been increased slightly.
  • The White Dryad is now visible again.
  • Vanward Four realized that he gave meta-physicists an incorrect reward and now offers a new item, both to new and previous helpers.
  • New option to see your target's target visually in the GUI (this can be activated from the F10 menu)
  • The description of NCU Booster now displays the level locks on targets for the perk effect.
  • Level 1 of NCU Booster should now show the correct icon in your NCU.
  • Targeting with the mouse cursor now uses bounding boxes (=should be easier to click overlapping stuff). Targeting small objects near/under big objects requires you to click several times to cycle through objects under your mouse to the one you want.
  • Wearing boots with can be worn with social no longer disables social armor on zone.
  • Right wrist Arul saba bracelet should now correctly give 120 Max health and 53 additional fire damage
  • Increased Psychic on level locked SL pets to prevent charming out of pvp level range.
  • Defensive Procs will no longer fire on self actions (i.e. nuking yourself)
  • Pet attack / heal buttons should now update correctly when pets comes inand out of range.
  • Clan superior stores should now have a Superior Bookstore instead of an advanced one.
  • Character view distance slider now displays the value of the settings in meters.
  • Fixed issue where the GUI would not always properly show the red overlay for over-equipped items.
  • You should no longer get an incorrect error message when attempting to choose an invalid nickname.
  • Fixed some vendor terminals that allowed opposing faction players to access.
  • Fixed spelling error in Viral Targeting Subunit description.
  • Fixed spelling errors in predator armor items.
  • Fixed Spelling errors in some tower descriptions.
  • Fixed Spelling error in the Ring of Nucleus Basalis.
  • Fixed Spelling error in Keeper Keeper's Virtue personal research line.


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