Anarchy Online Version 17.3.1 Notes

There was a patch today to the Anarchy Online live servers. It looks like a bug fix patch for the most part.

Version 17.3.1

  • Streamlined the quest flow in Albtraum
    • You should no longer need to reset the playfield to continue the quest
    • The Yuttos will clear the path to the mini bosses for you somewhat should the zone be fully populated when you activate that stage of the quest
  • Extended possible looting distance back.
  • Corrected the issue where some mobs and objects were not targetable correctly due to small bounding boxes
  • Corrected the issue with flying or floating objects having a bounding box that extended to the ground.
  • The NPC at the plastic surgery clinic will now mention the correct price.
  • Resolved some issues where the camera would drift in 3rd person lock mode.
  • The Show Target's Target option will now save correctly.
  • The Jobe IPR item should now be available in the Jobe Hardware Dimension shop.
  • The Improved and Masterpiece Ancient Manual Aiming Aids should now correctly list Martial Artists as being able to use them.
  • Added the correct Psychic bonus to the Masterpiece Ancient Bracer.


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