Allods Online Expansion 'New Horizons' Coming August 8th

New Horizons is coming August 8th, giving players the chance to create custom allods, experience ship-to-ship territory fights in Astral Space, Mercenaries, and tons more!

  • Custom, private allods - The Path to Greatness quest brings players the ultimate dream of building, designing, and ruling their own private allod – with all of the resources and benefits it offers.
  • Trade Wars -  The six-man Astral ships unique to Allods Online will get put to the test in ferocious Trade Wars to capture resource-giving allods for the League or Empire faction.
  • Mercenaries - Conquer the challenges of these new allods and take on the legendary bosses of Allods Online with Mercenary NPCs who will fight at your side – for a price. Solo players and small groups can now explore the toughest dungeons with the help of these six mercenary classes, each of whom serves a specific party role (and takes a share of the loot).
A new North American server will launch with the expansion.  The Avilon server gives players a chance to explore a fresh Sarnaut with new and revised systems that have permanently removed cursed items and increased EXP growth. Make a name for yourself in a new server community!

In Allods Online  you can pilot your very own astral ship through enemy space to explore, conquer, and fight for floating islands (allods) and explore the 30 classes, 2500+ quests, 26+ dungeons, and tons more.  

For more information or to download and play, check out their official site and be sure to visitCurse's Allods Addons section to make your game truly yours!


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