Rusty Hearts Heading into Open Beta on September 13th

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that their cooperative hack 'n' slash dungeon crawler, Rusty Hearts, will be entering open beta on September 13th of this year.

After a period of successful closed beta testing, Perfect World is ready to launch the game to a broader audience and start taking in more feedback from a wider array of players.

"Since acquiring the license to operate Rusty Hearts earlier this year, it's been our great pleasure working with Windysoft on the game's localization," said Alan Chen, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment Inc. "It's been exciting to see the enthusiasm and support that players have shown for Rusty Hearts and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with Windysoft to bring this unique online gaming experience to our European and North American players. As we soon release the game into open beta, we are fully prepared to provide great services and support to the influx ofRusty Hearts' players and we look forward to welcoming them."

The open beta will launch concurrently in Europe and the United States and will see a number of changes including the removal of the Stamina system and complete button mapping for gamepad support. Open beta will also feature a brand new hub world with previously unreleased dungeons and fresh quests to jump into.

The current closed beta will close on September 8th so that the game can be prepared for open beta launch on September 13th.

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