Turbine Announces 'Summer Gift' For Dungeons & Dragons Online VIP Subscribers

Earlier today, Turbine announced a promotional offer for new and current VIP subscribers playing Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). The 'Summer Gift' will be available free to DDO VIP subscribers, beginning on July 11th and expiring on September 11th, 2011.

"From July 11th through September 11th VIPs will get DOUBLE Turbine Points VIPs receive each month. You read that right – VIPs will receive 1,000 (instead of 500) free Turbine Points each month* through the duration of the promotion. That’s a thousand bonus Turbine Points just for being a VIP!

Plus, you can get your DDO VIP subscription for $9.99 a month**, when you sign up for the special 3-month VIP plan for $29.97. Get exclusive early access to adventure packs, and enjoy other exclusive VIP benefits like a monthly point grant, extra character slots, shared bank slot, and much more. Sign up now and enjoy double bonus points on your VIP account while the promotion lasts."

Signing up for VIP is easy, just log into your account at and set yourself up with a subscription. For the full rules and more info, head to the DDO Blog.



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