Alienware's Top 5 Games for the 2013 Holiday Season

Looking for something to play this winter? There are a load of new titles that broke into the PC arena this year, and Alienware gave us their top 5. Let's see what they've picked as their favorites to play on the X51:

World of Warplanes

In Wargaming's newest title, players participate in a massively multiplayer flight combat action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation.  The armored warfare theme previously seen in World of Tanks continues, but is escalated to a new level with full-scale in-game virtual pilot careers spanning from 1930's biplanes to Korean War jet fighters. 

Engage in 15v15 battles with over 100 history-defining authentic warplanes to choose from.  Best of all, it's free-to-play.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

For those unfamiliar with the newest addition to the legendary series, this installation tells the story of Edward Kenway. A young British man with a thirst for danger and adventure, he falls from privateering for the Royal Navy into piracy as the war between the major Empires comes to an end. You may remember his mentions in Assassin's Creed III, in which he is revealed to be father of Haytham Kenway.

Innovative naval combat, a massive open world, and an intriguing storyline make this one a can't-miss. 

Battlefield 4

EA's continuation of the popular Battlefield series features dynamic destructible environments, vehicular combat, and chaotic battles. There are plenty of new maps, fun things to drive, weapons, and more so you can customize your own play style and maximize your strengths. 

With support for 64 players and 7 unique game modes spread over 10 huge maps, you're sure to never run out of ways to play.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

New modes, an unparalleled amount of character customization, huge multiplayer potential, and more make Ghosts a great way to spend the cold months. Indeed, this latest game in the series brings 7 new multiplayer modes, 14 new maps, a Squads mode for up to 6-player co-op play, 30 new weapons, and over 20 new Killstreaks.

Add this to an incredibly immersive single-player campaign, and you have a blockbuster that gamers will be talking about for ages to come.


Features like Pure Shot and improved ball physics make the gameplay in 14 that much more authentic and fun. Fans can play in Camp Nou as FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund, Boca Juniors, and NY Red Bulls, or as one of the unique FIFA Ultimate Teams with the chance to earn additional players to customize their demo squad.  

Not familiar with the Alienware X51? This sytem combines itty bitty size with powerful versatility. Choose from some of the latest and greatest video and processing options and have an amazing HD gaming experience without taking up valuable square footage in your living space. Components are easily upgraded so you can stay with the times, with pricing beginning at $699.

Visit Alienware's site to start building your own.


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