Check Out Aion Update 3.0 Features Now on the Public Test Server!

Gameforge and NCsoft have invited players to take a tour around the upcoming 3.0 update to Aion on the public test server!  In this free update, Daevas will experience tons of new content and features such as:

  • Character levels 56 to 60
  • 2 new territories
  • 2 housing areas with approx. 500 houses
  • 1 studio for every player
  • 6 new instances
  • 5 additional fortresses and 11 artifacts
  • 4 mounts
  • 10 pairs of new wings
  • 150+ armour (from level 55)
  • 17,000+ items
  • Dynamic weather effects
  • New skills

Anyone who is interested in extensively testing these features prior to the official 3.0 launch can download the English test client at  Huge experience bonuses ensure that you and your new character will be able to quickly benefit from all that is new in Aion so you can give the team the feedback it needs to make 3.0 as perfect as possible!

For more information on these changes and the game in general, check out, and  Aion Update 3.0 is scheduled for release this summer!


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