PAX Coverage: AionSource Exclusive Interview with Chris Hager



I was very lucky to catch up with Chris Hager at the NCSoft booth during PAX 2010 in order to ask him the very questions the community wants to know more about! Check out a short preview below and read the whole interview at!


Q: We understand that localization beyond language is beginning to occur more in 2.0. What kind of things are you localizing? What are the differences between the East and West?  

A: Currently there are a couple of small changes like the fort seige timers and a couple of droprate differences. In Assault on Balurea, we're doing a lot of different changes just for markets outside of Korea. A lot of droprate increases; there will be more news coming out on droprates. We've also got a lot more quest experience now. If you look at 1.9 and 2.0, you'll find a lot of the same quests with differences in experience. 

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