Exclusive Questions & Answers from Two Beta Players

Another feature over at AionSource have just been published. This time you can check out many exclusive questions from Aion fans that get answered by two players in the current Closed Beta 2.

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What do you think of Aion so far, compared to WoW, FFXI, or L2?

Irisviel: Aion is pretty similar to WoW, not a grind fest game like Lineage 2. I am not sure about FF11 since I've never played it. Well, I personally think it's pretty fun, quest and lore oriented instead of endless grinding. There are things to be balanced and fixed here and there but I am sure it will get better as they test the game.

This question is in regards to the recent 39 posted screenshots. What is your computers specs? Resolution the game was played in? Was it nice and smooth?

Irisviel: My comp's system is AMD Athlon 3600+ 64bit, 2 gig ram, ATI Radeon x700. I play Aion with graphic setup at medium and low textures are all at medium, extra stuff like character shadow detail are all at low. resolution is 1280x1024 32 bit. It's not that smooth lol I think i need a better graphic card.

When people say Aion is similar to WoW, I don't see how, except for the quest system. Could you elaborate?

Irisviel: key bindings and everything can be changed like WoW, auction house, it got faction system just like alliance vs horde, neutral zones that you could gank people, there are instances and raids, and similar default UI system to Blizzard's default UI for WoW. well it's just my opinion. i am not saying Aion copied WoW there are also many stuff that WoW doesn't have.


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