Closed Beta Test Journal #2


In my last journal (Closed Beta Test Journal #1), I had sixty minutes to spend in the world of Aion, and it was the first day of closed beta three. Not that much happened and the main factor of that was the short time I had to play, before the server went down. NCsoft Korea is limiting players to seven hours per day and a few hours longer during the weekend. It's already at set times every day, so they have full control. Since I'm a Swedish guy, Aion open its doors at 9 AM CET (Central European Time) which is 3 AM EST and Midnight PST.

Now, what did I get to experience today? Well, quite a bit. First of all, a couple of friends from AionSource were playing 'together' with me, one of them being Shilenne (known as the girl who played an Assassin in the last beta). Her name is now Skya and she have her very own account, which will make it possible for us to form a nice group and with that we will make sure to experience as much as possible before the third beta is over. Skya chose to make a Spirit Master this time, and as I mentioned in my previous journal entry, I made a cleric. Two other players, Mojidada and Dagersha (both above level twenty) joined our party as well, always nice with company, even if you're not killing stuff together just yet. You can see Mojidada and Dagersha posting on AionSource.

Upon entering the dreamy world of Aion, I decided to quickly grind my way to level seven, while doing this Shillene made her character, she sure like to take her time. Cough. Nothing too eventful during my initial grinding, a few Koreans trying to killsteal me and probably cussing at me in Korean when I started to show them that it's a bad idea to killsteal me, especially since I got ranged attacks and the majority of the players trying to act cool were assassins, go figure.

When I reached seven, I went and bought several new spells, one of my favorite spells so far is the heal over time spell. It's fast to cast and perfect to cast middle of a fight, or just as it ends and then continue killing evil monsters. I'm unsure if it works on others, at least it does not when they're ungrouped. Maybe those I group with can get healed? This is something I hope to find out tomorrow. I also got a skill which hit hard with my mace, it's like a slam sort of thing, it's instant, but with a fairly long cooldown. Furthermore, I got a second buff. I'll be finding out what my buffs do later today. They has to do something though! Thus, I keep them up always. If I recall correctly the timer on buffs are twenty or thirty minutes, and they are instant cast and can be cast while moving. I like that.

At level seven my attack combination is to cast "smite" (that's my name of the spell at least) and then use the slam skill. The monster I attack will lose a considerably amount of HP. Cast a second smite after the slam and most monsters will fall down dead. At eight (or it MIGHT be seven) you get yet another skill, it's used in combination with the slam skill. What it does is shoot down a lightning from the sky that do a lot of damage to your foe and has a chance to stun them. It's awesome. Has a long cooldown. If you have all your skills available, there's a triple combination which is quite lethal; pull with smite, use slam and then cast the lightning skill and your foe wont even have a chance to blink before it dies. You only have a few seconds on you to cast the lightning skill after you've used slam, so be quick. Otherwise, you have to wait until slam is available again. Oh and at level nine or eight I got a third buff. Good stuff.

I left the starting area and ventured into the first small town and picked up all quests there, made sure to sell all my stuff frequently (I need more space, it's one of the goals for today, that's for sure). In addition, started to do some quests by the big lake you can see in the screenshots below. It has these glowing tree-like things in the middle of it. Very beautiful. Furthermore, flamingos (birds) in it. That is not all, water buffalo-like creatures roam the waters too! I grinded around there for awhile and miraculously finished a pair of quests. Around level eight I ventured slightly further into the world and reached the beautiful forest as you also can see below in the screenshots. Filled with goats (hey, they look like that at least), wolves, different variations of bee's, squirrels and giant tree's that give you quests. If you explore even deeper, you'll reach a camp which is the flight point from the first town I talked about earlier. You can fly between those two areas, it takes a few seconds, in comparison to several minutes to move back and forth by foot. Yes, it cost to fly. 200. Which isn't too bad. Now, nearby this camp there's a huge cavern with wolves and a giant wolf which is on a spawn timer. Probably, part of some quest. I've killed it, I'm guessing that I didn't have the quest for it though. There is a quest that is all about dispatching wolves though! I love how the Aion wolves are like. Very very neat. Hard to explain and has to be seen. Lovely animations and sounds.

Nearby this area, there's a more desert-like place, with a lot of sand and rocks. I've yet to explore that area much, in closed beta two, I did a quest which involve reaching a huge cauldron in there, and I remember cactuses existing, so it's definitely a desert. That's all I remember, though. No worries, when closed beta three is over, I will have covered a lot.

When I reached level nine, I automatically got the quest which is for my first class change. Everyone that reaches level nine will get it. This quest is fairly cool and the first thing you need to do is head north from the camp near the wolves and speak to an old man, he gives you a bottle to fill with some water. I suppose it's some super special holy water or something. Regardless, the only place that is acceptable for him to get water from is at the lake with the glowing tree stuff in the middle (remember, I went over that place previously). As a result, back I go, taking the flight from the "wolf camp" (that's what I will call it from this point on) and ending up in the starter town, I'm only a minute away from the lake. Upon reaching the lake I head to the very middle of it (but still stand in the water or it wont work) than I filled up the bottle and started the journey back to the old man.

Damn, I'm told I shouldn't go to the old man with the water, instead I should head to the forest with the giant tree's, you see, in the "forest of the giant tree's," there's one tree who's bigger than the rest. He's located in the middle, close to the main road. I head there and speak to him, he'll talk in Korean, and I really wish I knew what he was saying, especially since it was a pretty cool cutscene (see screenshots below). Sadly, I'll just sit here being excited and wondering what's next. Ok, now I'm supposed to head to the old man. Off I go, then when I reach him. The server goes down and also the PlayNC launcher decide to not work. Great. After waiting for awhile, being AFK showering and stuff, everything is back to normal -- I log back on and find out I'm back at the giant tree and my hotbars has been reset. Oh well. While heading back to the old man, I set up my hotbars again and then speak to him. This is an event that supposedly sends me back in time, where I am a hero or something similar. I'm teleported and it looks like I'm in The Abyss (I could do more research here, so it's as exact as possible, but I chose not to).. Walking up a ramp with npc's standing at the sides saluting and hailing me.. Zyuu, Zyuu, Zyuu!

Speaking to an NPC at the middle of the ramp (watching my surroundings, there's only a pit below and at the sides and further to the north I can see land) I gain wings and can now fly! Ooh, now flying around in this very dark place (I can't control myself, it's all automated) I zoom by several asmodians and elyos fighting, it's definitely The Abyss. Or, I'd like to believe so. Eventually, I land at the area I saw from the ramp above and behind me. Upon landing, several pretty nasty looking creatures attack me, and more is arriving. Consequently, I'll quickly focus on bringing them down, when done a boss-like monster spawns, and I start to fight him. Nothing too challenging, I guess I was quite the hero in the past huh? Anyhow, all I need to do is cast one renew (heal over time) on myself and my tripple combo of smite, slam (I don't HAVE to smite to activate slam by the way) and lightning strike is quite lethal and after several of those a cut scene begin. It's a little confusing, I almost thought I get defeated in it, but I guess not. It's cool... However, yeah, could use some more clarification, perhaps when it's in English it'll make complete sense.

When the cut scene is over, the "old man" spawns, and I speak to him, he gives me a choice between Cleric and Chanter, having help from Irisviel and Shillene I get told which one is Chanter and what one to pick if I want to be a Cleric. 치유성 (CLERIC) 호법성 (CHANTER) by the way. I have zero intentions of being a buff slave in Aion, so I chose Cleric. After that I get teleported out, and I'm now standing in front of the old man in the forest again. I pick Cleric again by speaking to him (I THINK?) and then I chose something else and zing. I'm now teleported somewhere else..

After some loading, I end up in the main city of the Elyos! It's awe-inspiring. So huge and beautiful, not to mention being in the middle of the sky. As you can see in the gallery I've provided below, almost fifty percent of the screenshots come from this city. Hopefully, you agree with me, that it's justified. I could go on and on to describe the city, but that's rather pointless, considering a picture speak a thousand words (see below). After calming down from the excitement of entering the Elyos city, I notice my exp bar moved from about ten percent into level nine to almost one-hundred. Nice, this means the class change quest give quite a bit of experience. While on the subject on quest experience, I highly recommend anyone wanting to level up fast and painless to do the quests, they are the quickest way to progress in levels. I'm not the biggest Korean expert, so it's a challenge to do the quests, however, I do try and next time, I play will hopefully be with Irisviel and he can aid me and Skya out a lot.

This is where the story ends for this time. A few notes, though. Yes, that is a pink tunic/shirt, I'm wearing in the later screenshots. It's actually a green item, and it's very good. I can't even buy a better chestpiece in any store at this level yet. So I've been lucky.. Although, I'd prefer another color, perhaps I'll mess around with dyes a bit later. Upon reaching the Elyos city I eventually ended up finding a store where I bought a better mace with spikes on it. No real grouping was done yet, since we're still waiting for Irisviel to get his client ready, which should be the next time, and I was ahead in levels a bit, however Skypa catched up quickly. Reaching level fourty before the beta is over should be doable, just don't quote me on that in two weeks henceforward!

Got any questions or anything you'd like to hear more about in particular? Don't hesitate to post a comment or five below.

<center>Gallery of Screenshots from Day Two, in random order</center> <center>

Aion0036 Aion0038 Aion0039 Aion0041 Aion0042 Aion0043 Aion0044 Aion0045 Aion0046 Aion0047 Aion0048 Aion0049 Aion0050 Aion0051 Aion0052 Aion0053 Aion0054 Aion0055 Aion0056 Aion0057 Aion0058 Aion0059 Aion0060 Aion0061 Aion0062 Aion0063 Aion0064 Aion0065 Aion0066 Aion0067 Aion0068 Aion0069 Aion0070 Aion0071 Aion0072 Aion0073 Aion0074 Aion0075 Aion0076 Aion0077 Aion0078 Aion0079 Aion0080 Aion0081 Aion0082 Aion0083 Aion0084 Aion0085 Aion0086 Aion0087 Aion0088 Alex Aion0089 Aion0090 Aion0091 Aion0092 Aion0093 Aion0094 Aion0095 Aion0096 Aion0097 Aion0098 Aion0099 Aion0100 Aion0101 Aion0102 Aion0103 Aion0104 Aion0105 Aion0106 Aion0107 Aion0108 Aion0109 Aion0110 Aion0111 Aion0112 Aion0113 Aion0114 Aion0115 Aion0116 Aion0117 Aion0118 Aion0119 Aion0120 Aion0121 Aion0122 Aion0123 Aion0124 Aion0125 Aion0126 Aion0127 Aion0128 Aion0129 Aion0130 Aion0131 Aion0132 Aion0133 Aion0134 Aion0135 Aion0136 Aion0137 Aion0138 Aion0139 Aion0140 Aion0141 Aion0021 Aion0022 Aion0023 Aion0024 Aion0025 Aion0026 Aion0027 Aion0028 Aion0029 Aion0030 Aion0031 Aion0032 Aion0033



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