Age of Wushu Launches: Claim Your Free Gift Pack from Curse!

Age of Wushu has reached launch day, and to thank loyal players Snail Games is offering a great opportunity to get a White Tiger Gift Pack for Curse readers which contains:

  • Life Continuation Pill (x5)
  • Large Restoration Pill (x5)
  • Xuan Spirit Pill (x10)
  • Horse Whistle "Dayuan Horse" (for 14 days)
Head to the giveaway page to claim your pack, and redeem it here. Please note that you need to confirm your server information upon redemption. The gift pack will be delivered to your character in 24 hours via in-game mail.
Haven't yet heard of the game? Age of Wushu is a new free-to-play martial arts themed MMORPG directly from China's Snail Games. The game brings an authentic presentation of Chinese martial arts to devoted players, and with its innovative combat, cultivation and offline play, the game creates a unique martial-arts experience.

Quote from
"Age of Wushu is the world's first true wuxia-themed MMORPG and its launch in North America gives western players the chance to truly experience ancient Chinese culture," says Tyler Rawlins, senior content producer at Snail Games." We've created one of the largest and most feature-rich MMOs ever. It is designed to immerse the player into the lore, explore ancient China and live their martial arts fantasies."

A full list of features:

  • No Classes or Levels: Choose from an extensive collection of martial arts disciplines. Develop and improve your own unique combat style.
  • Innovative Combat System: Draw on the strict logic behind real martial arts. Each attack can be countered and exploited.
  • Train in aPersistent World: Thrive in a world controlled by player's actions. Be a Hero or Villain to living world.
  • Authentic Culture in a Virtual World: With diverse professions such as painter, musician, and blacksmith the world of Jianghu goes beyond the battles.
  • Make a Name for Yourself: Become a leader of a martial arts school, seize a territory for your guild, and choose your own destiny within the Age of Wushu.
Visit the Age of Wushu Wiki on Gamepedia for help getting started, where you'll find information on the eight schools, economic system, gameplay, tutorials, and more!
Have thoughts on the game, or want to share your experience with its unique systems? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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