Age of Conan: Unchained Receives Huge Content Update - House of Crom

Funcom has successfully launched a massive content update for free-to-play MMO Age of Conan: Unchained!  Available for both Premium and free-to-play audiences, players will be able to explore the ancient halls of the House of Crom, which stretches over two giant in-game dungeons.

“We are very excited to see such a great reaction from the players,” says Game Director Craig Morrison. “’The House of Crom adds a large number of new encounters and content for our veteran players. With a truly epic location, and amazing atmosphere thanks to the phenomenal lighting advances possible with the DreamWorld engine, we genuinely feel that there are few that can match ‘Age of Conan: Unchained’ when it comes to this type of content update.”

Here's what adventurers can expect when exploring the House of Crom:

  • Two dungeons with epic scope and grandeur
    • The Threshold of Divinity:  A social dungeon for 4-6 max level players, containing nine encounters
    • The Vile Nativity: For six max level players, this dungeon contains seven encounters, two of them optional
  • New items
    • Full sets of dungeon level Atlantean armor
    • Medallions and rings
    • Epic cloaks
    • Full set of epic weapons

And last but not least, a trio of amazing gameplay screenshots from the dungeons:

You can download the client and play the game for FREE at


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