PvP, Sieges and Demons: Oh My!

Funcom is preparing to storm Leipzig with a frenzy of new information on Age of Conan. Just five days from now, players visiting from around the world will be able to get their hands on the game for the first time ever - with no NDA! You'll be able to talk about everything you saw at the Games Convention.

That's not all though; there will be all new media kits given out, rife with information on the game, including new screenshots, videos, and more - so be sure to keep an eye on Curse as we'll be there gathering all the tidbits of information everyone craves.

Funcom released three screenshots today as an example of what players can expect from Age of Conan's showing at the convention: PvP, Sieges and other very cool and exciting never-before-seen aspects of the game!


As with BlizzCon, keep an eye out for the Curse T-shirts if you're heading to Leipzig and say "Hi!"


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