Friday Update: New Screen Shots

Along with the 10 CES Screen shots that Funcom put together to release to the press, they also thought of the fans -- saving three special shots exclusively for this week's Friday Update -- taken directly from the game's latest Beta build.


They also released details on the Collector's Edition -- here are a few of the details:

  • Ring of Acheron (Exclusive In-Game Item) – The Ring of Acheron is an exclusive in-game item which will only ever be available in the Collectors Edition. Stemming from the ancient civilization of Acheron, the ring offers special XP and stamina enhancements for players, making it a powerful companion on the brutal journey through Hyboria.
  • Hand-Finished Collectors Edition Box – A true piece of art, the metalay-embossed box comes with the royal emblem of King Conan and a quality finish. Naturally it comes in a larger-than-life box, with inlay page and individually numbered holographic sticker.
  • Hyborian World Leather Map – Made with a unique finish and designed by celebrated cartographer Clayton Bunce, this 14" x 20" leather map gives players a authentic overview of the vast Hyborian world.

That's not all included, so head over to the Friday Update to check it out.


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