Release delayed until May 20th, 2008

Twenty minutes ago, Funcom sent out a press release to announce a delay to the release date of their upcoming MMORPG, Age of Conan.

This delay is shorter than last October's delay, pushing the release date back to May 20th, 2008 -- giving Funcom another eight weeks of polish and bug-squashing time.

"However, the Management of Funcom has concluded that more time needs to be allocated to stress the game systems and sort out bugs in the game before launch in order to feel comfortable with the level of risk at launch and to capture as much as possible of the games sales potential. The Age of Conan launch date is therefore set to May 20, 2008."

With the recent community event now over, this delay will ensure that changes to the game currently being worked on -- like the announced condensing of classes, crafting, and a myriad other features will receive proper testing prior to launch.

"The decision to set a new launch date is supported by Eidos, Funcom`s distribution partner for `Age of Conan`. The last few days have seen significant changes to the board of Eidos parent company, SCi Entertainment PLC (SCi). Funcom notes the changes and the positive response from the capital markets."

The official Age of Conan forums quickly exploded with the news, and claims of fraud broke out, so we've contacted Funcom to confirm that the release is indeed legitimate, despite the display of a 2007 date on the press release.


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