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We posted about how Funcom (Kalanthes) were taking questions for Age of Conan three weeks ago. Now the time has come for the first batch of questions & answers!

What’s on the mind of the Age of Conan community? Today, we find out. We’ve compiled some of the questions and put them to the wisest man in the land.

In looking at some of the interviews, mounted combat looks very exciting, and would make travel a little nicer, but one question came up for me since where I preordered from gives you a free mount. Can mounts be hurt or killed to the point where you permanently lose them? If so, will it be hard for a player to get hit or knocked off a mount without the mount dying first?

When you get on your horse (or mammoth or rhino or whatever), you and the mount share the same health and stamina pool. That’s not to say there won’t be bonuses for being on them, but the game will treat the “you” and “the horse” as one unit, so when you get killed or run out of stamina, the horse gets killed or runs out of stamina (though, yes, you can be unhorsed). However, you will not permanently lose them. There may be a penalty for getting your mount killed, but you will not lose them forever.

Will the damage done by mounts be realistic ? (like a mammoth “crushing” enemies or a rhino “horning” (damage with the horn^^)

All of the mount attacks are based on the sorts of things that mount would do in real life. For example, horses kick (to the front or to the rear) and mammoths will use their tusks against their enemies, while rhinos will use their horns for their attacks. There will be other attacks, but they will be within the realm of the realistic as well.

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