Friday Update - PvP and Lore


There's a huge Friday update made availible on the official Age of Conan website! More in-depth information about pvp and a lot of interesting lore information. Also, a sneak peek at Conarch Village.

  • Additional info on PvP, including a taste of Team Annihilation.
  • Background information on Thoth-Amon, the villain of the story.
  • Background information on Keira, ally and, possibly, friend to King Conan.
  • What lurks in Atzel's Approach? Atzel's band of bandits, of course.
  • And the fearsome and deadly Troglodytes.
  • Finally, take a peek at Conarch Village, high in the brooding hills of Cimmeria!

To find out more (and you WANT to) go here.


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