Small Update - Things on the Way

A small update will be out for Age of Conan soon. It contain several bug fixes and smaller changes. As Funcom states, this is only a small update and there's a lot of bigger things in the works alongside of this.

<font color="brown"> Greetings,

Just wanted to toss a little update on some of the things that we are working on at the moment. This rough list of issues will hopefully get fixed with the next update:

  • Tradepost crashes fixed
  • The End battle: Strom will now respawn at end of mission.
  • Necromancer pets should now reset when they are too far from your character.
  • Chat Windows changes
  • Socketed Items fix
  • Various Quests goals updated

Please bare in mind that those are some of the fixes our developers are currently working on so they are not yet confirmed. But the chances are good that these fixes will make it into the next update or at least into the one after that. And please also note that those are by far not ALL the possible fixes the next update might bring.



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