Follow-up to Necromancer Improvements

Jayde, a System Designer of Funcom, who's working on Age of Conan posted a follow-up to information released the 30th May regarding upcoming changes and improvements to the Demonologist and Necromancer classes. This time it's only the Necromancer class who's getting mentioned.

Jayde mention that there's a significant change in the works that will alter the way pets are introduced into the toolset of the Necromancer class. This sounds interesting and to many of you playing a Necromancer, this is a welcome change, as long it's implemented correctly.

Furthermore, balance and progression of the class is being modified so 2 pet points will be added every 5 levels after level 5. The result of this is that all 8 base points for the pet will be available at level 20 instead of at level 70. This is a big change and it will make pets a lot more utility, however, it's also needed since pets use to be quite underpowered. According to Jayde it's their goal to introduce lower-level players to the Necromancer this way. It's a smart move, having a too weak pet and dieing over and over since your pet won't help you much is no fun.

On the other hand, a full revamp of the Necromancer spells will be done past level 20 to balance it out with the intended pet changes. If you know what Despoil the Soul is (Nightfall tree), it will be made availible a lot earlier if you wish to switch damage to more direct one, instead of relying on your pet.

Last (but not least) the whole Nightfall tree is getting adjusted to get in balance with the upcoming pet and damage spell changes. Jayde call it "significant structuring adjustments".

Since this is quite major, it will deployed gradually over the next week or two.

Find out what was said the 30th May regarding upcoming changes to the Demonologist and the Necromancer.

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