Funcom announce AoC Soundtrack

Today Funcom announced a special cooperation with the Scandinavian punk rock legends Turbonegro. This leads to a brand new Conan song -- Launch event RED video is now available and CD 1 is for sale on iTunes.

That Age of Conan's launch was extremely succesfull is something none could have missed. Now there's even more fun to be had! Music. The special Conan soundtrack CD is published together with Grappa Music and composed by Knut Avenstroup Haugen, the entire soundtrack is on 2 CD's and you get to hear the captivating music as you get on a "spellbinding musical journey throughout Hyboria, while diving into the darkest, deepest dungeons of Vanaheim along the way".

CD1 has it's focus on the in-game orchestral music and the very captivating score delivers something for all moods, ranging from the lush and serene to the primal and decadent. These are the best tracks from the game, as handpicked by the composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen himself.

There's been many great musicians who have contributed to the score, among others the amazing and well known Helene Bøksle and a large choir including members of the Norwegian State Opera Choir and other prominent musicians and singers. This allows for tremendous variation in the musical experience. The Age of Conan music is superb and playing with the music on is something I usually don't do, unless it's an FPS or RTS, however, Age of Conan is the exception to me, I play with the music turned on.

The Age of Conan Soundtrack will soon be available at music retailers across the western hemisphere.

<font color="brown">“It has been a great honor to create the score for Age of Conan. To provide musical content for a universe that is so vast, so varied and so rich has been a huge undertaking, but an experience that never ceased to be immensely enjoyable,”</font> said Knut Avenstroup Haugen, producer and composer on the Age of Conan soundtrack.

As if this wasn't enough, there's an added treat, a special bous CD that contain eight more orchestral songs from the game! Three of those tracks are from the "infamous" Turbonegro as mentioned previously. Same band that performed at the Age of Conan launch event.

<font color="brown">“It’s just perfect that Age of Conan is supported with a song from Turbonegro – the two hardest rocking pieces of entertainment to ever come out of Norway,”</font> said Hank Von Helvete, lead singer of Turbonegro. <font color="brown">“As a huge Conan fan, I am proud to be part of this statement against modern life boredom and common life impotency. Heads must and shall roll."</font>

As mentioned previously, CD1 can be purchased on itunes already. And CD2 will be available during June. Also, the physical version of this must-have soundtrack CD can be bought across Europe in June and will be out in North America shortly after.

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