Undocumented Patch Notes 6/12

Todays patch notes was posted earlier and since then there's been several undocumented changes discovered.

Age of Conan is getting patched constantly to resolve the major issues that exist and balance the game further and introduce new features and content. Funcom have stated that they hope the almost daily patches will slow down soon, but as long there's big issues in existence, they plan to have them fixed no matter what. This is a good stance in my own opinion.

I wish all game developers cared as much as Funcom. Most do, but some tend to wait forever to patch critical issues. Having said that, you're reading this news for the undocumented patch notes, not my ramblings.

Loot tables of outdoor bosses seems to have been revamped and drop rates of blue items has improved. Other undocumented changes such as the harvesting bug introduced in the previous patch have been fixed and there's been changes made to make it hard for higher level players to farm low level dungeons. The Bear Shaman was nerfed due to it's Untamed Regeneration now regenerating approximately 40% less, they also receive 15% damage instead of 10.


  • Outdoor bosses seem to have an upgraded loottable now.
  • Drop rate of blue items seems improved
  • Harvesting bug introduced in last patch appears to be fixed.


  • Grey Elite mobs have lost their innate miss chance and damage reduction on significantly higher level characters. (will hurt high level players farming low level dungeons.)

Player Character's

  • Crimson shield (mage feat) seems to be working and gives a +HP bonus now


  • The cooldown on the Assassin ability "Snap Kick" has been reduced to 45 seconds.

Bear Shaman

  • The stamina, mana and health regeneration on the ability "Untamed Regeneration" has been reduced by approximately 40%. Additional damaged received has been increased from 10% to 15%.

Herald of Xotli

  • Undying Glory of Xotli now gives you shield of risen after the self-res

Confirmed Bugs Introduced

  • Gems still do not appear on the Trader after being searched for.
  • Major problems with gemmed items still being reported.
  • No type of silk will show on auction house.
  • Many reports of major FPS drops in many areas. (will continue to monitor this one for more info)

Possible changes awaiting further verification

  • Many mobs potentially hitting harder than they used to.
  • Firelance isn't always registering a hit, after the combo is activated.

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