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Many players have vouched their concerns about how the massive PvP system in Age of Conan works in its current state. Game Director Gaute Godager replies with the following:

<font color="brown"> We are very serious about our Massive Siege PvP system and we became more aggressive on fixing several issues appearing in that regard. The bulk of the feedback can be summarized within two categories: a) Client performance and b) Content and collision.

I would like to say that most of you – our players – most likely have some time to go before you reach the stage where Siege Battles become a daily activity. It is unfortunate that some of these issues have arisen, but it will not be felt personally for most of our players as they will be addressed before you participate in Massive Siege. Funcom and I have a clear policy on focusing clearly and honestly on problems. This will give you predictability and the hopefully will be what you, our customers, see us as a company – clear and open.

Client Performance

The client performance seems to be the biggest issue. Luckily we already had several improvements of performance styled directly towards the siege battles in the pipeline when we got this feedback. We are confident that we will be able to get these update s to you within a short time. (We hope to get some out as early as on the Monday down-time!)

The improvements will include: a) ways to remove / hide performance impacting particles and sound, b) a more stylized view-distance (shorter and more pvp fitting) in the battle areas to increase framerate c) changes to how certain abilities and spells are being propagated. We are also confident that this fixes will greatly improve the framerate and overall client performance in the Siege Battles.

We will not stop optimizing this until we get to a stage where we are happy that all clients can host / participate in Siege PvP.

Content and collision

There were other problems with the siege battles as well. Luckily these are less severe in scope and it should be doable to address them all. We already have collision bug fixes for the dynamic collision in these areas on their way.

I hope you understand we do not take this lightly and that we are doing a strong push to address all issues immediately.

You can continue the discussion here.

Gaute Godager

Game Director</font>

Have you experienced the massive siege PvP in Age of Conan yet? Or perhaps you have a friend that told you how the experience was like? Share it with us!

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