Age of Armor:Monster Siege Trilogy

Monster Siege Trilogy Age of Armor 2nd Close Beta Test is running smoothly. We are glad to see that there are many Armor fans are fond of our game and our operating team now have designed a special new event ----Monster Siege Trilogy as a reward for their support.

The Monster Siege Trilogy is a big event that needs many people, who fight together, as the monsters are not easily to handle with, to win the battle, the players need cooperating well enough, and however, only one or two guilds may not succeed in defeating the siege, so the view of the siege is really tremendous, the battle will be as fierce as the Stalingrad Protecting Battle. Not a single one would be the hero, but there might be a legion of heroes, that is the aim of this event. Teamwork and cooperation will be the main thread of this game.

Those who can defeat the mystery boss will get some very special items for the gift, and their corps will also get many military supplies as reward too. As the event is Monster Siege Trilogy, it will consist of the following parts, first, Commando Daybreak Assault, and the Gulo Pirate Depriving as the second, and then followed by the Yeti Attacking, Finally the Mystery Boss Sieges the Capital Cities. And there will be a series of quest for the players, and the reward is also very attracting.

The Monster Siege Trilogy is at the corner, you will not miss it as you are fond of Robotic War. We provide, you decide. Age of Armor waiting for your participating in the wonderful future Robot Wars! For more details please visit the official site:


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