PSP giveaway on New Age of Armor Official Site!

March 19th, 2008. SnailGame's Sci-Fi MMORPG Age of Armor will enter its Second Chapter –Dark Valley on April 2nd, the Official site will be updated to embrace the upcoming chapter on March 17. By that time, the new web site will be more attractive than it used to, there will be more detail information about the game, the newbie assistance, and a newly built register page that's a lot more convenient. There will be online shop assistant page as well, no need to worry about buying wrong items in game, so gear up your armor now! Last but not the least, we will have a Video Show feature, a special room for players’ own video & arts. age of armorage of armor To celebrate this New Chapter’s arriving, Snail Game is hosting a PSP giveaway event! Register on the site and you will receive a chance to win your brand new PSP, There will be FOUR PSP 2000 US version as the Prize, no matter he is new comer to AoA or a hardcore fan, if he register a new account, and enter AoA, he will get a chance to win the PSP2000, the event will start from 2008-3-20 to 2008-4-5.and the result will be announced on 2008-4-12. In this period, every registered account will be enchanted the chance to win the PSP.
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