Transforming System Coming to AOA

March 25th, 2008. After long period of testing, the transforming system in Age of Armor, the final version of the transform system is implemented. It will be ready for release on April 2nd together with the Chapter II –Dark Valley.

On April 2nd, the Dark Valley will welcome its first visitors, and when the three Instance Dungeons are broken through by many brave teams, all the Bosses in Age of Armors will drop transforming modules, as well as weapons and skill chips which are specially made for transforming system. The styles of transformation are different among different races: the Nature Human will transform into vehicles, the Enhanced Human can transform into Beast type, and the Neo Human has the ability of transforming into Aero Fighters.

Are you ready pilot? Believe in yourself! Transform yourself! Transform the world! Be sure to check out the latest events and be prepared on AOA official site


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