Age of Armor C2 Legion Battles Exclusive Screenshots

March 31st, 2008, SnailGame released some new exclusive screenshots of AOA C2! Age of Armor Chapter II content will be released on April 2nd, including the most anticipated New dungeon instances and the transform system. Legion Battles will make City sieges even more competitive and fierce.

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Dark Valley, the secret military base of Daron Legion, shall provide mech pilots with brand new armors with new attributes. Let these new abilities make your enemies tremble before your feet, (but you must find them first. )

Transform Modules, shall enable your armor with the ability of transforming. It will bring your gear with extra fire power, armor endurance, as well as additional fighting abilities. Agile aero fighters, speeding auto-mobiles, and powerful beast machines shall conquer all. Warriors of Fate, Transform now! The future of the Universe is in your hands, if you choose to accept it!


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