Age of Armor is opening a new server

AoA fans’ long anticipated new server, Acquarius, is finally opening on August 22rd. Snail Game would like to thank all the fans who enjoyed playing our game and contributed to AoA’s growing popularity. More and more players are finding their 2nd life in the world of AoA. The second server will give everybody a second chance to start over and become the top ruler. On 22nd, thousands of players will start competing again from zero. So we packed the new server with many surprises and gifts.

First, any player who register and active the game starting from August 22rd will get Recruit Card for Cosmos Warrior from the Newbie Mentor after activing your character in the game. Afer using this card, you will instantly get 500k experience and 150k in-game cash!

Also, Snail Game plans to active Recruit Base, Ice Planet and Battle Frontline in the first week, from 22rd, Aug to 27th, Aug, while all the functions and game events are activated in this new server and players will able to do the same things with those in the other servers, such as Siege War, EP, cash shop and so on. Space War and Dark Valley will be activated after the weekly maintenance on 28th, Aug, while all the instances will be activated except the weapon instance. The weapon instance will be activated on 17th, Sep.

Age of Armor, new server-Acquarius, new game experience! Come play and discover other surprises and gifts awaiting for you!


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