The Loot Crate Monthly Geek Subscription Box is Amazing

Subscription boxes have been a huge thing lately.  There are boxes for household products, beauty, pets, and more, but nothing has appealed to the geeky masses so immensely until the Loot Crate.  

Loot Crate delivers a monthly box to you, absolutely packed with gear, snacks, toys, and fun for $19.37 ($13.37 + $6.00 S&H). They've passed 500 paying subscribers now in less than 45 days, on pace to triple box subscribers in September from August!  Established brands and emerging companies are approached alike to bring geeks the already loved and fresh new loot on the market.  

The very first box, released in August, contained custom wood founding membership cards, a $20 Gift Card for Gentle Giant busts and figurines, Avengers themed cologne from Marvel and JADS International, Turkey Perky Jerky, Jolt Gum, Domo Mini Figs, PWN Gum, and a limited edition art print.  A huge, positive response was received, paving the way for amazing boxes to come.

In fact, we purchased September's box ourselves just to check it out.  It just arrived - behold!

First off: Yes, those are 8-Bit sunglasses you see.  The September box, themed 8-Bit, is chock-full of nerdy delights, the team delivering awesomely on their promise of epic loot!  Let's break down the contents:

  • 8-BIT Sunglasses: Celebrate retro gaming in style.
  • Mario Power Up Energy Drink:  A 1up boost in a collectible can.
  • Zelda Shield Mints: Also delicious, also collectible.
  • Bendable Party Moustache: The package doesn't do it justice, this thing is awesome.
  • Radium Energy Powder: Like Pixy Stix for adults?  Ours was Raspberry Lemonade.  It's gone now, and my tongue is blue.
  • D20 RPG Die:  Another never hurts.
  • Retro Gaming Button: Ours had a question block on it!
It also had a Loot Crate sticker and a cute Mr. T art piece by artist Len Peralta, with a $25 off coupon for a commission!

Founded by Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo, Loot Crate was formed during LA Startup weekend with a strong supporting team.  The founders indeed have some experience in the industry, with Davis previously directing ViaClix and recently founding GamerFood to bring buzzworthy snacks to tired gamers everywhere.  

Arevalo is a digital strategy consultant and entrepreneur leading firm Relentus, and co-founding and doing everything from advising local startups to developing community driven campaigns for large global brands like AT&T, Nintendo, EA and T-Mobile. 

We rabidly await next month's box, and all we can do until then is tell you to subscribe for your own!  You can head to to check out the program, learn about the team or ask questions, and subscribe.  They're also always chatty on Facebook and Twitter!


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