Athene's ShareCraft 2012—Save the Children Challenge

Athene has recently launched a huge campaign calling all of his fans, followers, and fellow YouTubers to help those in need in the Horn of Africa by raising $1,000,000 in 100 days.  The video above outlines how you can take part in this huge effort!

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Millions of people, most of them innocent children, are at risk in the Horn of Africa due to the worst hunger crisis in 60 years. The Internet has come to a point where when we simply collectively reach out for what we think is right, real change often follows.

You can join Operation ShareCraft and add your own voice to the campaign. I can't raise one million dollars on my own, but together we can.


Not only can you help out millions in need, but you can even win sweet Razer gear in the meantime by setting up a sub-fundraiser and entering the challenge.  This effort will run from March 25, 2012 to July 3, 2012, and has already raised over $15,000 dollars in the first two days.

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For the supporters who rank high on the leaderboards, we'll be constantly giving out gaming gear from Razer. Our prize pool starts at $2000 and we'll try to increase it as we get more exposure. The more you share and support Operation Sharecraft 2012, the more likely the chance that these prizes are yours.

 For more information on how to get involved, visit


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