Nightstalker Gear

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2013
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About Nightstalker Gear

This mod is basically a bunch of armor and weapons spawning inside Breezehome. I wanted a dark badass-looking heavy armor set but found none appealing (rolled with fully upgraded daedric armor and 2h sword). I found it very annoying to swap gear between 2h enchants and destruction enchants (for ranged and AoE). This gave me the idea of creating a mod. Now I have a mod with a full armor set for both light and heavy armor users plus weapons and a single destruction spell. The gear is created to cover all the skills a standard skyrim character might use and have values that should match fully upgraded and enchanted daedric/dragonscale armor and a few other special items. It is therefore extremely overpowered early game and I created it mainly for Master difficulty gameplay above level 40. I found my slef extremely powerful with my daedric armor but very restricted to a single look and playstyle and that is where this mod comes into the picture. The gear is slightly better than fully enchanted and upgraded gear but in addition it holds stats for all playstyles. Tooltips for the enchants are missing but I will probably update that.

Important Information Below!

1. The gear can be found inside Breezehome in Whiterun

2. The mod includes 2 gear sets. One for heavy armor and one for light armor. Each set includes a shield (which is not counted as a weapon) and jewelry.

3. The weapons included are: 2x Onehanded Sword, 1x Twohanded Sword, 2x Dagger, 1x Bow


The update features nerfs to pretty much all gear pieces and their enchants along with a new heavy chest (the old chest nerfed a lot and a new chest added with a different look which matches the idea of "heavy armor" better.

In addition to the above I've added more arrows!



More gear adjustments:
More magic resist on the shield and necklace.
60% sneak added to chest and nerf to sneak of boots makes for a buff from 80% to a total of 120% sneak.
100 health added to chest.
Base armor on the light armor gear set increased by about 30 in total.
+50 arrows!
Weapon enchant adjustments - Frost damage removed and stamina/health absorb buffed slightly.
Boots and gloves with Nightingale look added to the Light Armor set (2 new items).
Rename of previous boots to "Stompers"



There is now 200 arrows!
More gear adjustments (minor changes to enchants)
Shout cooldown reduction removed form head (if you equipped an Amulet of Talos, the game would bug and cooldown on all shouts would be negative, practically causing all shouts to be usable all the time with no cooldown). This could also happen when updating the mod.
The bow have had some adjustments to prevent buggs such as wierd 3rd person animations and being unable to load while in third person.


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