Integrated Silver Ebony Gear -TCS

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  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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  • Updated Nov 2, 2013
  • Created Feb 28, 2012
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  • Release Type: Beta
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About Integrated Silver Ebony Gear -TCS

______Demo version of______xx
Integrated Silver Ebony Gear xx

Features xx

- Craftable Silver Ebony Armor
- Ebony can be converted to Silver Ebony for a fraction of the resources and back.
- Non-Replacing
- Non-Upgradeable
- Adds chest by the gate to Riverwood (link) with all materials to make normal and silver ebony, as well as all normal and silver ebony armor pieces for comparison and testing. Edit: I forgot leather straps. Oops.

Planned Future Features xx

- Craftable Silver Ebony weapons.
- All Ebony and Silver Ebony armor and weapons can be converted to the other for less resources than crafting them from scratch. (total value is still more than creating from scratch - only useful on looted gear)
- All gear will be added to leveled lists in an optional esp.
- All gear will be added to shops in an optional esp.
- Tester Chest as featured in the demo in an optional esp.
- All gear will be upgradeable.
- Add unique Silver Ebony gear to locations around the world with increased stats.
- Ebony Mail and Ebony Blade both convertable to and from Silver Ebony.

Important Notes xx

Regarding SkyrimForge:
- This mod will be updated to the full version asap, and the demo will be uploaded to Nexus at the same time.

Regarding SkyrimNexus:
- ONLY the demo will be uploaded. No exceptions.
- If anyone uploads this, I will be reporting them for mod thievery.

Regarding Deactivating and Uninstalling:
- When deactivating this mod, you WILL lose any Silver Ebony gear on your character.
-~ This may cause other issues as a result, so make sure you get rid of all Silver Ebony gear first.
- You will NOT lose any Ebony gear made by converting Silver Ebony to Normal Ebony.

Install xx

Merge the Data folder from the archive into your Skyrim Data folder, usually located here:
Program Files -> Steam -> SteamApps -> common -> skyrim -> Data

Once the texture folder has been merged, launch Skyrim with the normal launcher and select "Data Files". From the pop-up window, check the box beside "tcs Demo - Integrated Silver Ebony Gear"

Uninstall/Delete xx


In game, make sure you get rid of all Silver Ebony gear and save your game.
Then, exit the game and uncheck the esp in the Data Files section of the launcher.
If you don't remove the gear from your character, there could be consequences.

Delete: uninstall first

Navigate to the Data folder above, and delete the following files:

tcs Demo - Integrated Silver Ebony Gear.esp
Textures -> TCSsilverebonyarmor (whole folder)

Legal and Thanks xx

No one may use my textures without notifying me first. If they are used in screenshots, a note must be made on the screenshot description to say where to get the textures. Why? It's nice to show people where all the fancy mods on your screenshots came from.

Only the Demo may be uploaded to other sites, but only once the full version is released, and I MUST be notified and linked to the page.

Thanks to Bethesda for the great game and for the textures I edited to make this.

Tools used were Photoshop and 7zip

V.0.d - Demo version. Contains all standard pieces of armor (no Ebony Mail) in a chest outside Riverwood. Comes with all armor textures.
Note: You do not need to delete this to update to the full version when it is released. This uses the same textures.

For more info, read description.


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