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  • Updated Jul 18, 2017
  • Created Jun 7, 2017
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About Sprout - Explore for More

Many packs tout that they are exploration focused. Here, I present one that is in a truer sense than nearly all before it.

Explore an immersive world full of custom structures to find NPCs, some of whom have quests for you, but be careful, there are many dangers lurking for the unprepared, especially as you travel further from spawn.


The pack also comes with two distinct packmodes:

- Normal mode. Recipes are tweaked a bit, all of the exploration content is there, but not absolutely required. This is the default mode.

- Scavenger mode. The 'truer' version of the pack. Some items and blocks lack recipes, and must be obtained by exploring and interacting with NPCs and the world around you. Significantly more difficult than normal mode, in part due to all armour being scavenged. If an item is scavenger affected, when in scavenger mode it will have a tooltip in gold text, stating "Scavenged" or "Purchased from ____".

To change to Scavenger mode, in game use the command "/packmode set scavenger".


- Updated:

- Boatiful 0.11.0

- Chisel

- DynamicSurroundings

- InfinityLib 0.11.0

- Downgraded:

- ExtraUtilities2 1.4.4

- Structures:

- Added Fish pie, Mandrake pie, Boxed Lunch to the VillageKitchen loot tag

- NPCs

- Traveller: The Starter Kit now comes with an eternity upgrade applied

- Traveller: The Traveller's final quest (Basic Tools) now also gives the Traveller's Journal, with a few hints as to what else might be found in the world

- Configs:

- Levels: Disabled Soulbound ability - it doesn't work with TMG, use the enchant which does work

- Water Strainer: Added GoG Coalfish to the fisherman's strainer

- Scripts:

- Scavenger: fixed a typo that led to diamond leggings being craftable

- Tweaked recipes for fish pie, and AA Fish and Chips

- Removed C&B chisels from being options for crafting AM blank runes - they weren't working anyway


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