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    Last update broke rotation; Focussing shot doesn't light up, until you deselect the target.

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  • posted a message on XoneFobic's SpellFlash: Druid

    Don't count on it.
    EU servers are a complete mess so I don't have any changes to test anything, also 'Bitten' made changes to the main library which unlocks quite a few interesting new features I'm wanting to implement.

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    Working on it :)

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    You're very welcome.
    I'll strive to make it for all classes and specs at some point, but quite a lot of trial and error go in, hence the reason I made it open source, so people can jump in, if they know how to program a bit.

    If you do find the error again and have something more to go on, please let me know.

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    Thank you for reporting this.
    Sadly without any error-messages I have no way of finding out why it would do that.

    If you turn off all none essential addons for this module to work, and it still does it, please tell me after which spell (combination) it happens.
    Maybe I can recreate the issue

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    I'll take a look into your suggestions.
    As it's my first addon in a while again, plus bitten's original code was a bit harder to read than what I would have made it, it takes a bit of getting used to.
    I started off with Noxxic's rotation as I read it, so any suggestions are welcome to improve it.
    Was wondering myself if Flying Serpent was really worth it and haven't seen the reason for fists of fury being less 'flashy', but I'll dig into it more as Noxxic actually suggests it as a priority instead of an filler now.

    Thank you for the input

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  • posted a message on XoneFobic's SpellFlash: Monk

    Thank you for the report.
    It looks like the problem is in the at that point still intergrated bitten library, which was still in the addon source.
    This is now removed and should be available soon.

    I would suggest to remove/disable any bitten's module that hasn't been updated yet, as they are still for the 5.4 version of WoW.

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  • posted a message on SpeakinSpell

    Thank you for your great and detailed explaination.
    I will take a look at it.

    I feel like, that when you do have the time to implement it. It should be quite simple.
    You are already able to see race and gender within the addon.

    Sadly I have very limited experience in LUA programming. Have a hugely outdated minimap addon floating about.
    Else I might have made a concept in a fork of your addon. So you could look at that.
    Anyways, fun addon to play around with ingame.


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  • posted a message on SpeakinSpell

    I like this addon. But I think I found something missing for me.
    Or I'm just overlooking it.

    When I first activated this addon, it was on a draenei. All well there.
    Now if I speak to a vendor or questgiver. The addon sometimes says something that other draenei NPCs also say.

    Now the thing. I logged into my Night Elf. And it keeps saying the draenei things.
    Are these things shared across characters or if I delete the draenei ones from the night elfs list. They will still be there when I relog my draenei?
    If not. Maybe a good option is to make an 'if' of somekind.
     "Only say this when character race/class/gender is xxxx"

    If I'm not finding it. I'm sorry, read the FAQ. But might still be overlooking it.

    - Xone 

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  • posted a message on GnomeWorks TradeSkill Frame

    An option to 'ignore' professions in general would be nice aswell.
    I tend to not use other professions to get DE mats.

    As my enchanter also has tailoring. It wants me to spend loads on tailoring mats. While the maelstrom crystal it wants is a fraction of the price of all the mats.

    I hope you can fix the list skipping soon. As that it's the only reason why I might stop using Gnomeworks. Other than that, I think it's the best crafting addon out there.

    Keep up the good work!

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