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    Could you add an option to position the health bar below the tooltip? This way any custom addons that modify the tooltip won't run into the health bar.

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    One issue. the ldb portion no longer seems to preserve the text between logins of a character. I tested on two alts and upon logging in it would be gone each time and I would have to reenable it in the chcoloatebar settings. This did not happen before r39

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    I love the changes you made. This is great being able to select a font and shared media support. The ability to designate accuracy on screen apart from on world map is perfect.


    Now I also tested the LDB option and had to disable then re-enable it in my broker bar (I use chocolatebar) to get it to work but that was very minor considering the amount of changes made.

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    I'll test it now and report back how it goes. I made some modifications on my own and were happy with the drop in memory usage but dropping the on screen (or LDB) text to the tenth decimal place.

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    I have a feature suggestion if you would be interested. Have a different coordinate accuracy for what is shown on the world map and what is displayed in the screen?


    The reason I ask is two fold: one, it prevents the on screen coordinates from updating so rapidly thus visually preventing something that draws attention to it and two, I think it causes a build up of memory using the accuracy of "2" on the on screen display. Granted it garbage collects but it still builds up and I wonder if limiting the on screen to a tenth decimal place instead of a hundredth might help?


    also if it would be possible to remove the outline font setting?


    Edit: seems changing from NumberFontNormal to the template for GameFontNormalSmall fixes this while preserving the font size


    Edit2: Using GameFontNormal on CoordsOnWorldMapFrame lets the world map font seem a little larger which is easier to read.


    Hopefully this illustrates what I mean about outline


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    For those wanting mythic plus chest timers, use gotta go fast. It allows a custom frame to show timers that you can locate anywhere. This means that SQL will still show timers but you can now have additional information on your screen. It allows you to customize the font and font size so it will be unobtrusive.


    You do not need to disable the scenario tracker to have this work either.


    It might just be the best solution until these timers can get integrated into SQL with addons like angry assignments.

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    Warning: because of an API limitation, you cannot set the focus target by using the drop-down menu on an unit frame (for exemple target frame) when using this addon. As a result you must use a keybind to set the focus target until I code an option that allows to disable the creation of  the link from drop-down menu on unit frames.

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    Just added it without issue by changing the toc file




    Using these two after putting the entire folder downloaded into the libs folder in this addon worked fine.


    I simply added the path for libstub because I am not sure it properly references it and adding this eliminated errors

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    Can confirm


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    Still having an issue even with 7.2.6


    TinyInspect\ItemLevelForParty.lua:34: bad argument #5 to 'format' (string expected, got nil)
    [C]: in function `format'
    TinyInspect\ItemLevelForParty.lua:34: in function <TinyInspect\ItemLevelForParty.lua:29>
    TinyInspect\ItemLevelForParty.lua:169: in function `v'
    TinyInspect\Libs\LibEvent.lua:113: in function `trigger'
    TinyInspect\ItemLevelForParty.lua:123: in function `onExecute'
    TinyInspect\Libs\LibSchedule.lua:28: in function <TinyInspect\Libs\LibSchedule.lua:15>

    (*temporary) = "<%s> %s %.1f |c%s%s|r"
    (*temporary) = "iLvl"
    (*temporary) = "|TLFGFrame\UI-LFG-ICON-PORTRAITROLES:14:14:0:0:64:64:20:39:22:41|t"
    (*temporary) = 909.5
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = "Unknown"
    (*temporary) = "string expected, got nil"

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