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    I updated to the newest version v1.6.5 and now my mouseover macros dont work. I tested with the default frames and they work there. The previous version 1.6.4 didnt have the problem.

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    I just tried the newest version... and Riptide did not work on my shammy

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    Seems like the broadcast is working for some people but not others. I asked someone who was able to broadcast and they are using the same version as i am, 2.20
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    10x TradeForwarder\TradeForwarder-2.20.lua:163: attempt to compare number with nil
    TradeForwarder\TradeForwarder-2.20.lua:163: in function <TradeForwarder\TradeForwarder.lua:151>
    TradeForwarder\TradeForwarder-2.20.lua:590: in function <TradeForwarder\TradeForwarder.lua:475>

    self = <unnamed> {
    0 = <userdata>
    ENTERING = false
    event = "CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL"
    message = "?"
    sender = "HurricĂ ne"
    language = ""
    channelString = "2. Trade - City"
    target = "HurricĂ ne"
    flags = ""
    _ = 2
    channelNumber = 2
    channelName = "Trade - City"
    _ = 0
    counter = 304
    guid = "0x030000000560068D"
    color = "ff7c0a"
    (*temporary) = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:232
    L = {
    SHOW = "|cff00ff00Showing Trade Forwarder Messages|r"
    LAST_WARNING = "!!! Warning, last message from %s may be faked !!!"
    LFW = "TFW"
    UPDATE = "|cffffff00%s has a new version (v%d, yours is v%d) of Warbaby's Trade Forwarder. Get it from http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/tradeforwarder.aspx|r"
    LFG Channel = "Trade"
    OWNER_IGNORE = "NOTICE: Current forwarder %s is ignored. You will not receive TFW messages for a while."
    NOTSHOW = "|cffffff00Hiding Trade Forwarder Messages|r"
    WARNING = "|cffff0000Warning! You found that |r%s|cffff0000 might send a fake message:<|r%s|cffff0000>, it might just because of latency. Please inform other players if neccessary. Thank you.|r(use /tfw to Hide this warning)"
    frame = <unnamed> {
    0 = <userdata>
    ENTERING = false
    z2 = nil
    LFW_DEBUG_ENABLE = false
    z1 = <func> =[C]:-1
    y = "TFW_CHANNEL_DESC='llllll1lIl1IlII1Illl' _s_c_p2=SetChannelPassword SetChannelPassword=function (n, p) if(not (n==TFW_CHANNEL_NAME or n==tostring(tfwChNumber)) or p==TFW_CHANNEL_DESC) then _s_c_p2(n, p) end end"
    CheckJoinedChannel = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:353
    CheckShowAuto = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:337
    LFW_DEBUG = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:194
    isInLFG = true
    SendCmd = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:200
    HandOutOwnerIfNecessary = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:226
    chatInfo =
    colorNameByClass = false
    flashTab = false
    b = 0.090196083765477
    r = 0.6980392569676
    id = 68
    sticky = 1
    flashTabOnGeneral = false
    g = 0.78431377187371
    b = 0.2
    g = 0.7
    r = 0.9
    kicked = nil
    isOwner = true
    sentCache =
    RemoveUser = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:300
    TryHandOutOwner = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:218
    LFW_PLAYER = "Mithrass"
    currOwner = "Mithrass"
    AddUser = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:292
    GetClassColorByGUID = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:317
    msgIdx = 33
    SendLFW = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:232
    LFW_Format = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:151
    LFW_MSG_IDX_MAX = 999
    LFW_OnMessage = <func> @..\TradeForwarder.lua:385
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    This is not working for me on Blackrock-US, it was working at times (and sometimes i get an error) but now i do not see anything at all, and i have ask another person and they also no not see any messages. (and yes there is someone in SW when i am testing this)
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    The skillet buy button at vendor windows, as well as the alt inventory shopping list count isnt updating for me.
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  • posted a message on Skillet
    With the skippable queue system (if you dont have mats); hen it skips and crafts the next item in queue it doesn't remove itself from the queue if it is only for 1 item.
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    The inscription problem is from skillet, i have disabled all apart from skillet and still occurs.
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  • posted a message on Skillet
    Seems like Jewelcrafting almost locks up as well took me like 10seconds to load with fps at 1.
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  • posted a message on Skillet
    Yes i cannot open my inscription as well (it locks up), i have just updated to newest skillet+lsw.
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