• posted a message on PowerTrackerBar

    Great addon but I have a little problem. I have the bar set to "Only in Combat" but after a Pet Battle it appears and the only way to make it disappear is to uncheck and check the "Only in Combat" option. 

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  • posted a message on Titan Panel

    Since the last 2 updates I've lost my profiles and the ability to use any skins. Also the volume icon has disappeared, it's there but you cant see it.  I've been using Titan Panel for many years with no complaints until now. Thank you for a great addon .

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  • posted a message on Ovale Spell Priority

    All it tells me to do on my Rogue is apply poison,  which is already done.

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  • posted a message on kgPanels

    This is sooo broken, I had to just turn it off. Can't retain a layout for more than 3 minutes before it goes down. A reload either fixes it or breaks it. I had a great layout profile before last update but it disappeared now.

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  • posted a message on Carbonite Maps

    Here is a 3rd party hotfix that at least gets Carbonite working for now. No new quests will show but map works good now.

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  • posted a message on HunterDPS

    Looks interesting and I would love to try it out but not only is it HUGE, it's in the middle of my screen blocking my view and I cannot move it so until it is movable I'll have to live without it.

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  • posted a message on Volumizer

    CompactRaidFrame.. issue is causing multiple errors. 16 as of last raid group I was in.  Love the addon but I sadly have to disable it.

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  • posted a message on AdiBags

    Adi Bags is broken. When you add an item it doesn't show up in your bag unless you close and re-open. I have no errors though. Sometimes when I try to equip gear by right clicking on it I will get the options window opening and the gear icon appears frozen and un-clickable. As with the other problem, closing and re-opening will fix it. It takes a few times doing it but it wil eventually become clickable. I will go back to a previously operating version until it's fixed. Thank you for a great addon.

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  • posted a message on Simple iLevel

    Go to:

    It's in "Other Downloads" 

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  • posted a message on AtlasLoot Enhanced

    Clicking the "25 Man Loot" button no longer works, it does nothing now.

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