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    It seems the ability to join groups by middle mouse clicking on the world quest does not function if you also you World Quest Tracker.   If I happen to miss the pop up to join a group when I get to questing area I then I have to disable WQ Tracker in order to search for a group.  

    It would be awesome if this could be fixed or if there is a work around I am missing with out having to disable WQT all the time. 

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  • posted a message on PetBattle Teams

    If you are missing your teams check worldofwarcraft/wtf/Account/"AccountName"/Savedvariables  For a file called PetbattleTeams.lua.bak Check the Date if it is older then the date you lost your teams this should fix that. 


    Rename the PetbattleTeams.lua to something different like PetbattleTeams.bakk 

    then just remove the .bak from the other one.  

    That should restore your teams it just worked for me. 


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  • posted a message on Dugi Questing Essential

    Is there a way to stop the map preview from opening all the time? 

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  • posted a message on Healium

    Love this addon However one thing is troubling me I am unable to move the Mini Map button for healium am I missing something or is this just not possible? 

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    This addon is broken now it seems even when score board is open it will not print a summary to the channel.  Seems the change to the chat windows has made it inefective. 


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