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    This is an amazing addon, and I'm grateful that the work was put in to create it, but I think I'm done with it.  I just lost like a full year's worth of teams out of nowhere and nothing I've done has gotten them back.  It got me through all of the WoD garrison dailies, which is wonderful, but now all that's gone.  I lost count of how many teams I had.  So thank you for creating this addon, it was incredible while it lasted.  I'm turning to an excel spreadsheet now.  More work, but easy to backup and restore. 

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    For some reason, even after I clear my cache, EVERYTIME I go to Eastern Kingdoms it tells me Ghostcrawler, Sambas, and Karoma are already cached.  I have never seen those creatures in-game, so I'm a little confused as to why they are cached in the first place, let alone why they don't clear with all the others.  Anyone??  I've had this issue since before 5.1, if that helps.  Thanks!

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