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    Since 7.1 sound comes with Delay. Please Fix it. ;(

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    Slash Command /ar add <ItemID> dosn´t work.


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    locking ist a good option but when i lock ist at 25 raid and go into a 5 oder 10 rais it still in the middle of the screen. ;)

    the freezes comes whitout group,  5 man and 25er instance too. but at 25er  freeze get longer as 5er


    is there any reason to make vuhdo invisebly when im on shadow spec?


    ok i will set the frame strata an show how it works for me ;)

    sry for my bad english :D ;)


    greetz sain

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    I use this addon for a long time and am excited about it.
    Unfortunately, I would also constitute a problem since a short time.
    the game complet freezes for a few seconds when I move  VuhDo.
    After this I can move VuhDo without any problems.
    It usually happens after login or after a /reloadui if I want to move VuhDo.

    sry for the Google Translation: D

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