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    I don't care about cpu intensive, I got one hell of a pc rig ;)

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  • posted a message on PetBattle Teams

    Great addon, idea to make it better, better organisation options! Especially with 3 pet dungeons, WQ's and more my pet team list is getting huge and a mess to find what I am looking for.


    I would either:

    - Allow you to move teams up or down in the list (so I can group things together)


    - Allow you to make categories and put teams in those. Then I could have a "Celestial Tournament" category, a "Deadmines" one, etc..


    Basically, something that makes the huge team list more readable faster.

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  • posted a message on Details! Damage Meter

    Does anyone know how to completely disable mouseovers ? You know that window with spells that pops up when hovering over bars ? I just want to get rid of it..

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  • posted a message on MogIt_Sets

    This does not include sets beyond tier 12 ? I was adding all the tier sets to my wishlist so i can easily see what pieces i am missing here and there but at paladin tier 13 I ran into problems.. Nothing from mop ?

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  • posted a message on HideUnitFrames

    doesn't seem to work in 4.3 ?

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