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    Guild permissions exist for a reason. Also, I am a guild leader (horde) and I manage several guild banks (alliance). This addon has become my new best friend.
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    My friend turned me on to omen a little while ago. I ditched it a while back because of my ignorance on how to configure it properly. Well we are running three druids, a tank bear, a resto(me), and a balance. Omen is awesome and I regret not taking the time to learn it sooner.

    Only feature request I would have is something along the lines of "lucky charms" to be able to click the mobs with high threat so you can mark for the tank to get aggro. I've just been manually cycling a marking. As if its possible to make this addon any more awesome ^_^.

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    You are... AWESOME! I Love HB. I'd totally hit it even if it were an ugly chick. great work. There is a character limit so you'll just have to take this condensed praise. ^_______^

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