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    Quote from VultureCross >>

     It no longer auto-updates on my end, in either the new or old curse client. I wanted to thank you or Curse for fixing this issue.

     I had no part in that whole ordeal, both creating and fixing the issue, that's all on Curse.
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    Are you sure you were using the latest version? (70100.27-Release)

    This was (or atleast in my testing) fixed by this version (commit)

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    Quote from siweia >>

    For some of the profession worldquests, especially fishing work orders, it is still auto-complete the quest when it jumps out through a QuestFrameProgressPanel. I made a quick fix atm.


    QuickQuest:Register("QUEST_PROGRESS", function()
      if(IsQuestCompletable()) then

        local _, _, worldQuest = GetQuestTagInfo(GetQuestID())
        if worldQuest then return end




     Could you give me an example of a quest?
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    Quote from Peyana >>

    The latest update from November keeps coming up as needing to be updated in my Curse client. Is it being updated every day and the date just not changing?

     It's an issue with the curse client, I can't fix it. Report it to curse.
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    Quote from Lokibrth >>

    Is there anyway to make a macro to click this button?

    /click ExtraQuestButton

     But you could also bind it normally, it uses the same binding as ExtraActionButton.

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    Quote from cyid >>

    Awesome addon. Is there a way to do settings per character? On my main I like to read all the quests, but on alts I will just blow through them.

     Wasabi, the library this addon uses for implementing configs will be getting profiles support at some point, which means per-character settings.
    No ETA though.
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    Quote from TxCwby >>

    I've been prompted to update this addon 4 times today...I even tried manual install but within a couple of hours, I received another update notification.

    Quote from Katardre >>

    I get this too...the Curse client keeps wanting to update the 70100.42-Release version to the 70100.42-Release-nolib version then once that's installed it wants to update to the 70100.42-Release version, then back to the 70100.42-Release-nolib and so on...the Curse client just can't seem to make up its mind which version should be installed. For now I'm just ignoring it until an actually new version is released.

     An issue with the Curse client, report it to them.
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    Quote from tommyulv >>

    Wow man thanks so much, this is awesome!

    Class colors looks really awesome, and I didn't think about the demons/debuffs overlapping actually so i'll just stick with the demons as they are.


    Just 1 thing with the target debuffs, it now displays on the left side, but its far away from the target frame. 

    Its' like:

    [buffs] - - - - - - - - - - - - [target frame] [debuffs]

     Try adding this:
    self.Debuffs.initialAnchor = 'TOPRIGHT'


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    Quote from tommyulv >>

    Really love your addon, but is there a way to change so that:

    1. soul shards are displayed above player frame instead of beneath? 

    2. display demons (demonology) on the left instead of right side of player frame?

    3. target debuffs on the left side of target frame, not below

    If that's doable = pure awesomeness!


    (also would love class colored hp bars if possible)

     1: Change this line into this:
    ClassIcon:SetPoint('BOTTOMLEFT', self, 'TOPLEFT', 0, 4)

     2: Change this line into this: 

    Totem:SetPoint('TOPRIGHT', shown[#shown] or element.__owner, 'TOPLEFT', -4, 0)

     3: Change this line into this:

    self.Debuffs:SetPoint('TOPRIGHT', self, 'TOPLEFT', -4, 0)
    self.Debuffs['growth-x'] = 'LEFT'

     4: Change this line into this:

    Health.colorClass = true
    Health.colorReaction = true

    Keep in mind that 1 will overlap the focus frame (can be moved with /pmf), 2 will overlap the player debuffs and 3 will probably overlap the player frame if there are many debuffs on the target.

    Please use the official forums if you need assistance with altering or creating a layout;
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    Quote from gsezz >>

    A list of supported bosses or dungeons would be nice. 

     Open your dungeon journal, everything listed as a boss and dungeon/raid there is supported.
    That means however, bosses not shown there (such as Nightbane) is not supported.
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