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    Kody, you should also mention they are supporting the three major OSes (Mac, Linux and Windows). For that i'm supporting them, I'll buy it. (I'm also a huge dota fan).
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    The fix is quite simple you only need to change 2 lines of code in your "core.lua" file inside the zmm folder in /interface/addons/

    In line 362 and 372 change SystemData.Events.INTERACT_SELECT_SCENARIO_QUEUE_LIST to SystemData.Events.INTERACT_SHOW_SCENARIO_QUEUE_LIST

    if your editor of choice doesn't support line marking, just search and replace.

    If you are not comfortable editing code just download the addon fixed here: http://www.zshare.net/download/614794713f181aea/

    This change is needed cause Mythic changed the way scenario queues are handled.
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    I just downloaded the addon, but I don't understand how to enter to tidy window. I use minmap addon as my main map, so I think there's no way to enter tidyqueue via icons?
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    6! I love this mod. Was worried you would never update it again.
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