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    Quote from TaliaMokani >>

    Which settings got reset? I'm having the same problem (for all quests) on two of my toons, but only two. If something got reset, I'd expect it to be reset on all of them. I've combed all my Chinchilla and main-game settings, and can't find anything that seems relevant, nor anything that's different across toons. They have the same addons installed/active. I even copied my Chinchilla profile from a working one to a non-working one, and it still doesn't work. I need help, please! :(

    I think it was "open Chinchilla minimap tracking options -> Track Quest POIs" setting.

    I've had this same problem ever since 7.2 and reading these comments made me realize where to look. Thanks ><

    For some reason curse engine isn't adding this reply to the original discussion tree starting with #1554

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    Could you please make the Spy Helper work in heroic? Would be of much help.

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    Hi, thank you for the addon!

    Minor question, is it possible to add something like an "X" button to close the addon window?

    I usually open it with /wql command and close with double "M" (open-close map), as I'm too lazy to type /wql again. If the window could be closed with a single click, it'd be even more lazy-friendly :)

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    Thank you so much! Now I see what you mean and that should work perfectly for my use-case.


    (Premade Filter is suppressing those small popups under the default search box and I've been using it for so long, I completely forgot there was such functionality. Going to make a transition to your addon now. Thanks again.)

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    Thank you for the quick response, but I'm afraid I don't understand what you're suggesting.

    Say, I'm looking to queue for ToV raid and want to only show ToV groups in my filter results. Are you suggesting I use the default text search box on top of the LFG window and search by raid name? I remember that kind of search being very glitchy and not returning all results that were actually there. Maybe that's what you're talking about in your response. In this case, it's not the solution I'm looking for.


    I was curious if it would be possible to add instance selection looking maybe similar to this: http://imgur.com/a/EjqwQ

    It's a screenshot of Premade Filter addon which has its own issues (poor maintainability, possibly badly written), so I'm not sure if the way they coded that instance selection is problematic in itself from the coding point of view, but at least it looks very convenient.

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    I see that you can only select the actual raid name to queue for via advanced filter expressions. Would be awesome if it was a user-friendly field like a drop-down somewhere at the top (usually people want to queue for a specific raid).

    Thank you for this addon.

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    Right after installing v 7.1.5841 and testing on a dummy as Sub rogue, it keeps showing me an icon which is half Shadow Dance and half Shadowstrike (see http://imgur.com/a/kX1Y9). Not sure if that was the intention (for the addon to suggest to use Dance and immediately after use SS), but I find such display to be confusing and hard to read.


    Maybe would be better to show as two separate regular icons: Shadow Dance first and then immediately after Shadowstrike.


    Unless there's a technical problem with that, in which case maybe the addon could be showing two main icons together, e.g add an additional one to the right of the existing main icon when the abilities are meant to be used together/baked into a single macro? Just spitballing here.

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    Sorry to say, but I'm having terrible experience with this last update. So many things have changed compared to my usual settings, I'm looking through settings and don't even understand how to change everything back as it was.


    For example, that blue friendly nameplates thing that appear and disappear (hp-based?) is very annoying (see also comment #2469)

    Class coloring of friendly names -- update enabled it while it was disabled for me before the update. At least I found that setting.

    Buffs are now being displayed on targets that haven't been displayed before. For example, Tricks of the Trade. Not sure if "Use default UI filter" and "Use whitelist" settings have changed. I have to test and figure it out now.


    While introducing new functionality is great in general, please make sure it doesn't break what was working for existing users with existing settings. Thanks!

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    Hi, I couldn't find any other mentions of this issue, so maybe it's caused some weird interaction with my other addons.


    It seems like this addon is hiding the frame which I think is called BossBanner once the addon's settings are opened and saved (not sure if need to open CVar Browser section specifically or just open addon settings).

    No changes in settings were needed for that issue to appear for me (tested on two comps with the same toon). Just opening the settings, going through tabs and clicking "Okay" led to the frame disappearing next time I went into an instance.


    It's the frame that shows everyone's loot received after killing a boss in the top middle of the screen (also messages like "defeat that guy" and "that guy has been defeated"). For reference, addon https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/boss-banner-hider hides it (I don't have that addon installed, just mentioning it to clarify which frame I'm talking about).


    I haven't done much testing (tried to reset all variables to default to check if the loot frame will come back, but messed it up by accidentally opening addon settings again). Please let me know if this issue is a possibility and if any specific testing is needed to pinpoint it.

    Thank you.

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    Is it possible to add a filter option to always/never show the purple world boss quest?

    Depending on a quest reward (e.g. gold or resources) it may be filtered out from showing on the map and thus will never show, unless I somehow remember that there's supposed to be a world boss quest and manually change my usual filter preferences just for that single quest.


    Plus, sometimes world boss quests appear unexpectedly (like on Dec 05).

    Thank you for the addon!

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