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    Hey, first things first: great addon!

    Is it possible tho to do an inverse method of item track? If in the future i want to check all the gear from a dungeon/raid to see if there is another piece i want to collect, i would need to search it from the blacklisted items...

    Is it possible to have the normal loot table and create a wishlist for that dungeon instead of deleting the items ?

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    Hi, just tried it again today (first time in Legion) and it bugged for me after i set a new price source to "dbmarket" or DB market value... The frame is bugging:


    lootapp bug



    I was starting a skinning session and the values didn't update, so I checked the price source and changed to "dbmarket" wich is the one i use on TSM in general, after that it bugged out...

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  • posted a message on Cecile_MeterOverlay

    Hello! I find this Addon a nice little thing to have, I usually have both chat and meters hidden during combat so that I don't lose focus on the encounter, but I like to sometimes glance at my current dps, so this did just fit it perfectly.

    There's only one thing I'd like to ask/request: any plans to store multiple alts records for the same fight? The overall record is pretty much useless since we have WoL, or WarcraftLogs, but it would be awesome to have a compilation of our alts/toons records for the same boss fight so we could compare them account-wide.

    Overall great work! Keep it up!


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    kllerpet i love you!

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