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    Any comment on this fix? I love the addon concept but this is a pretty big deal breaker. I like trade chat, not 100 lines of guild invites and gold spam per 1 line of real discussion. Phanx said exactly what to do. I use badboy in town which obviously  works but clearly is not active when its passing through other people using this addon. Or at least some update if you are working on it/won't so someone else  can take it over.


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    Thanks for the updates, working great. Still error in translation for English :)


    English translation correction "Next fly will goto"

    should be 

    "Next flight will go to"



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    Amazing job on the update. Coming from a former programmer, you are are really to be commended on your work.


    I wanted to recommend another addon that helps me with the extra clicking now for other users. Let's you bind space bar to the new confirmations so you don't actually have to click with the mouse. https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/dialogkey  To assign them you just mouseover the new buttons and type "/dialogkey add" and it adds them to your approved button hotkey (space bar default) will activate and it does not interfere with normal key presses (like using space does not mess with your 'jump' key or anything. It's really a great addon.


    So now I go to a quest area, get the pop up from wqgf, hit space bar a few times and you are now grouped, no mouse or clicking. Works great with all aspects of the game btw (accepting seal weekly quests, confirm quest deletion, yada yada.)


    I like Blizzard a lot, but I find great satisfaction in the amount of effort they put into disabling this add-on and it being crushed by a good hacker(s) in 24 hours. They said at one blizzcon "we make all choices in our game based on one simple question - does this decision make the game more fun for our players."  Seem's they forgot that awesome mantra. Cheers folks. 

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    Gold always shows up on my toasts even though I have currency disabled. Did I miss something? :) Thanks - great addon

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    It seems to half be working randomly, but I'm failing to find consistent working solutions atm, with people saying right click left click the icons. Is anything consistently working right now?

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    Is it possible to add a filter for "only show gear that is an ilvl upgrade"?

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    Maybe not advising people to reset ALL cvar variables to their defaults is not the brightest solution. Every game setting there is will be reset to fix one addon's bug. No one do this.

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    I see others are still having this issue. Is there still no progress?

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    To get the 4 new world bosses, add the following at line 197 in SavedInstances.lua


    [1956] = { quest=47061, expansion=6, level=110 }, -- Apacron
    [1883] = { quest=46947, expansion=6, level=110 }, -- Brutallus
    [1884] = { quest=46948, expansion=6, level=110 }, -- Malificus
    [1885] = { quest=46945, expansion=6, level=110 }, -- Sivash


    You will need to relog on each character to show them if you already killed them this week.

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    Get "Items Updated" spam in chat every time I log in since updating

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