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    In 7.2 the stopwatch now starts at 0 and counts up, rather than the old 3 minutes counting down.  If you prefer the old way just use the previous download file, or edit the lua as per in the description.  

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    Was the range indicator fixed?  Or is this the standard BGT with the lua fix
    Edit: it was fixed thanks!

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    Sure thing!  Thanks again

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    You need to change what they are attached to, because they are clustered together.  I would try attaching UIParent


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    It's in a container.  Far easier just to manually move it thru default ui

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    Same is happening to me, painstakingly came to this same conclusion, and resetting World Map doesn't fix.... WorldMapFrame is the actual window, maybe it's bugging because it's not included in the addon.  Or maybe 7.2 changed a name.  Mucking around in the lua in wtf I found an odd "Quest Frame" variable which doesn't seem to manifest in-game.  Maybe that's old.  No idea
    Edit: After a few hours play the problem went away

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    Thanks for this addon.  I BG all the time.  

    Here's my contribution.  I love the code but the "meat" of this addon - icons - seemed to be an afterthought.  They really need to be changed as they are unintuitive, vague and confusing.  Some of them are very hard to tell what they are, and some are very hard to tell each other apart, and some represent two different things with the same icon.

    So I edited all the icons (see below download link).

    I put text in to clarify what they are, except SotA, which didn't need text at all.  I also added specific icons for IB, FW, TP  Sometimes I color coded horde and alli red and blue.
    Sometimes I changed and shortened the callout names, i.e. no one I know calls it Oil and Lake in SSM just top and bottom, also changed to top and bottom in DWG rather than panda and goblin. LM rather than Lumber Mill, and so on.
    I also made it you can call out Dun Baldar and Frostwolf Keep in AV. These additions required extra lines in the lua file.
    Finally, I rearranged the order of the icons to simply make more sense. i.e. Top to Bottom corresponding North to South on map, or radiant outward for AV to make it more intuitive.

    1.  Add in "Protect FC" and "Attack FC" in TP and WSG
    2.  Add in Shift/Alt/Ctrl click for "Bum Rush____" and "Losing ____"


    I must say, I love how this looks, and how it works.

    Here's a public link if you'd like to try these edits.  You don't need a google account.  Just replace Battlegrounds.lua file and the Icons folder. 
    Please note these are only edited file and icon folder, I didn't include the rest of the addon files.  



    Edit: Per your request I just added an AFC and DFC icon (Attack/defend FC) so that when the lua is updated to include those commands, the icon is ready

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    You can do this with one macro using Super Duper Macro.

     /cast Every Man for Himself
    /cast Stoneform
    /cast Quaking Palm
    /cast Arcane Torrent
    /cast Gift of the Naaru
    /cast Escape Artist
    /cast Blood Fury
    /cast Will of the Forsaken
    /cast Berserking
    /cast Darkflight
    /cast Rocket Jump
    /cast Shadowmeld
    /cast War Stomp

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    This addon came from a suggestion by the legendary Ro on the wow forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/13019342090

    Thanks Shroomblaze but you may wanna just delete this as it's outdated and just causes confusion at this point

    Here is a link to AnthonyG70s' update
    Keep in mind this this will be listed as the same name as the outdated addon

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